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How to Change Employee's Main Location
How to Change Employee's Main Location

Learn how to change an employee's main location

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In this article, you will learn:

  • How to change an employee's main location

Please note: You must be assigned the correct permissions to do this by your Account Administrator.

How to Change an Employee's Main Location

  1. Sign into

  2. Click into the 'Employees' tab from the navigation bar

  3. Search for the employee you wish to change the main location

  4. Click into their employee profile

  5. Click into the 'Work' tab

  6. Beside the Main Location field, select the 'Change location' button

  7. Here you will see a pop up alerting you that changing the employee's main location will transfer all their profile information to a new location. If this is okay with you, click the blue 'Ok' button.

8. Next select the location you wish to move the employee to from the 'New Location drop down menu

9. Click the blue 'Save' button

This employee will now appear in the Employees list for the new location. Existing scheduled shifts and timecards will remain in the old location.

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