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How to Implement Automatic Holiday Carryover
How to Implement Automatic Holiday Carryover

How to carry over holiday balances?

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In this article you will learn about:

  • What to keep in mind when setting up your Holiday Carryover

  • How to set up Holiday Carryover

As an account administrator, you can specify a carryover rule for the whole company by setting a maximum number of days/hours in time-off settings.
If any holiday entitlement is remaining, on the first day of the new year the balance will get carried over to their new entitlement.

Here is a quick video walkthrough:

Holiday Carryover rules:

  • If the remaining entitlement is over the maximum amount specified, only the maximum amount will carryover.

  • If employee time off balance is negative, the holiday carryover adjustment does not apply.

  • Holiday carryover adjustment can be deleted from the individual employee profile.

  • Holiday carryover adjustments can be adjusted off with a manual adjustment using a negative value.

  • The system's automatic carryover process will only run if the rule was set before the new leave year. Make sure to set up holiday carryover before the first day of your new leave year. If you are late setting up your holiday carryover, you can use the Import Holiday Adjustments to carry over holiday balances manually.

  • Once the automatic holiday carryover adjustment has applied with the arrival of the new leave year, take caution in changing the company leave year start as the automatic adjustments will apply again on the newly set date.

  • The whole remaining entitlement will still show as remaining in the previous year.

  • If you wish to set up holiday carryover only for employees tracked in hours you can leave the maximum limit blank or set it to 0 for employees tracked in days and vice versa.

  • If you wish to set up a limitless holiday carryover, we advise to use a high number, one that employee's would not exceed.

You are now ready to set up your Holiday carryover!

1. Go into 'Settings' (Administrator access only)

2. Go to Employees >> Time Off

3. Scroll down to view Holiday Carryover settings

4. Answer 'Yes' to allow holiday balances to be carried over automatically.

5. Set the maximum holiday carryover for employees tracked in hours

6. Set the maximum holiday carryover for employees tracked in days

7. Click 'Save'

How can I set a rule for a specific employee?

Currently, you are only able to set Holiday Carryover on a company level.

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