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Giving account Administrator access to Bizimply
Giving account Administrator access to Bizimply

Learn how to add an account Admin / account Administrator to your Bizimply account. You can also remove Administrator access.

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In this article you will:

  • How to add an account Administrator

Note: You need to have account Administrator access to access this feature

🚨 It is very important to consider all options before you allow someone Admin access. Roles and Location Group Roles give a significant amount of access and permissions. 🚨

To add an account Administrator to Bizimply, take the following steps:

  1. Click the dropdown menu in the top right-hand corner of the screen

  2. Click on 'Account Access'

  3. Click on 'Account Admins & Users'

4. To add a new account Administrator, enter the email address of the new account Administrator in the box. Click 'Grant Access'

5. The new account Administrator will get an email allowing them to create a password for their access to Bizimply

6. To remove access, simply click 'Remove Access' from beside the account Administrator

*Important Note:

If an account Administrator has used their email address to log in on Timestations,

if you remove their access then the Timestations will be kicked offline. You should log the Timestations out and log them back in with a new account Administrator email address before removing access.

7. If the 'Administrator Name' column appears empty beside an email address, this is because the account Administrator hasn't filled in their name in their Profile. You can ask them to do this to populate the 'Administrator Name' column - see image below

8. You can see the last date and time that an account administrator signed into Bizimply or if they have never signed in by looking in the column to the right of their name.

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