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  • How to give access to your employees to edit or populate their personal information via their employee portal

Note: You must have account administrator access to turn this feature on.

This feature allows employees to have an element of Self Serve when populating their personal information in their Employee Portal.

The Employee Portal is a web application that all employees have access to. They can view their schedules, request time off, and now (depending on the permission applied) they can view and edit their own personal information that is held on file in your Bizimply account.

How to give access to your employees to edit or populate their personal information

  1. Click on the dropdown menu on the top right-hand side of the screen

  2. Click on 'Settings'

  3. On the left, click on 'Employees'

  4. Click on 'Personal Settings'

  5. There are x2 columns - 'Personal Tab' and 'Employee Portal'

  6. The 'On/Off' switches turn the field on or off in the Employee Profile in the web app. If a field is turned to 'Off' on the Personal Tab then it is not available to be viewed in the Employee Portal as it is turned off at a company account level

  7. If you would like an employee to view or edit certain fields within their Employee Portal, click the 'View' or 'Edit' boxes. This is a company-wide setting so will be applied to all Employee Portals

  8. When the employee logs into their Employee Portal, they will have access to view or edit the fields that have been ticked in the settings

9. The employee will now also be able to see their main location and shared location PINs on the 'Schedule' tab

10. If an employee makes any edits to the fields within their 'Your Profile' tab, these will be logged in the HR Audit Log

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