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  • What is the Employee Web Portal

  • How to allow access to the Employee Web Portal

  • How to invite/re-invite employees to the Employee Web Portal

What is the Employee Web Portal?

The Employee Web Portal is the space on Bizimply for employees to log in via a web browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox etc), to view/edit their personal details, view their upcoming shifts, and request Time Off (depending on if your settings allow this).

If an employee has access to the Employee Web Portal they can also login to the MyZimply app.

How to Allow Access to the Employee Web Portal

Here's a quick video walkthrough

How to Allow Access to the Employee Web Portal

You may need to allow your employee to have access to the Employee Portal first before you can invite them to Bizimply - this is in cases where an employee may have been on Bizimply for a long time previously without access to their portal.

  1. Got to the employee profile of the employee you want to give access

  2. Go to the Work tab in the profile

  3. Where it says Employee Portal, click on the dropdown menu to change it from 'No Access' to 'Allow Access'

  4. Click 'Save' at the bottom of the page

You can also do this in bulk via the Invite Employees action

  1. Go to the Employee page

  2. Use the checkboxes to select the employees you would like to give access

  3. Click on the blue Actions button

4. Select 'Invite to Bizimply' from the dropdown menu

5. When the dialogue box appears, you can change the dropdown selection under Employee Portal for each employee to 'Allow Access'.

6. As you update each one, the Web portal Access on their Employee profile will update immediately

7. You can then, if you wish, click 'Invite' at the bottom of the box so they can receive an invite to set up a password to login to the employee web portal

How to Invite/Re-invite Employees

You may need to Invite or Re-invite an employee who has not logged in to Bizimply and needs to get their password set up.

  1. Go to their employee profile

  2. Click on the Invite or 'Re-invite' button on the right-hand side

3. An email will be sent to the employee to set up their password. Get them to check their spam or junk mail if it doesn't deliver.

4. You can also do this as a bulk action from the Employee page as described above

Here's a video with these steps

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