In this article you will learn:

  • How to see what users have access to the system through Location roles and Group roles

You will need to be an account administrator to access this feature.

  1. Log in to Bizimply as an account administrator

  2. Click the dropdown menu in the top right-hand corner of the screen

  3. Select 'Account Access'

  4. On the left-hand side of the screen, select 'Account Admins & Users'

  5. You will see the the bottom two widgets provide information to Location Group Access and Location Access including:

    1. email address of the user

    2. user name

    3. last sign of user group and/or location that they have access to

    4. role applied to this user

Removing Access:

If you wish to remove access from any user, go to either 'Locations' in the dropdown menu on the right-hand corner of the menu or to the 'Roles' tab within the employee profile.

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