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No matter the size of your business, employee labour cost will form a significant part of your ongoing expenses. To give you greater flexibility and precision for calculating this expense, Bizimply provides four options for categorising the labour costs of salaried employees:

This article will cover the Daily Rate category.

To find out more about the other categories, click here.

What does Daily Rate mean?

The Daily Rate is applied for each shift scheduled (unless marked as a half day) up to the number of working days set. Shifts added over this figure will be costed at £0 unless overridden in the shift details popup.

The Daily Rate is calculated by entering the employee's Weekly Salary Rate and the number of their working days out of a maximum seven.


  • Maximum cost per day is fixed (not affected by number of hours scheduled)

  • Costing half days

  • Paid time off included in number of working days

  • Greater flexibility when costing salary employees

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