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Setting Up A Recurring SFTP Import
Setting Up A Recurring SFTP Import

For single location or multi-store, setting up a recurring Sales import is quick and easy with Bizimply

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In this article you will learn:

Which Reports Can Be Imported Via SFTP

How To Add An SFTP Connection

Please note: Only account administrators can set up this integration.

  1. Once installed, click on the 'Settings' gear icon.

  2. This will bring you to the SFTP Destinations page where you click the blue 'New SFTP Destination' button (This menu can also be found in the 'Settings' screen under the 'Company Settings' menu on the left had side of the screen)

  3. Fill in a name for the configuration in the first text box

  4. Enter the details for the server (host name and username)

  5. Enter in name of folder into 'Upload Path' field if relevant. (This is an optional field which allows you to enter in the folder name if you have one SFTP destination with several folders)

  6. Enter the Data Direction. Selecting both options is recommended when setting up a destination for a recurring SFTP import as it allows Bizimply to automatically move a file into a new folder after it has been imported
    โ€‹Note: Each file for import must have a unique name, ideally the dates covered by the data in the report

  7. Select the authentication type: 1. Password (enter in password) or 2. Key Pair (upload the key file)

  8. Add an email address for any error messages to be sent to. Separate multiple email addresses by using commas.

How To Set Up Recurring Reports To Import Via SFTP

  1. Sign into

  2. Click on your Username on the top right and click on 'Settings'

  3. On the left hand side, under Company Settings, click on 'SFTP' recurring import

  4. Click on the blue 'New SFTP Import Schedule' button

  5. Fill out "Enter Recurring Import Name"

  6. Select Import type.

  7. Read the instructions for the report on the right of the screen

  8. Download the report template by clicking the blue 'Sample File' button

  9. If you select Sales Import, you also need to select which locations you want to import sales for.

  10. Select SFTP Source

  11. Click blue 'Schedule Import' button

  12. BIzimply will now check for a report at 3am IST (Irish Standard Time) every day.

  13. Recurring imports can be viewed and deleted from the SFTP Recurring Import menu.


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