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  • How to import Forecast Sales to Bizimply

Please note: You will need account administrator access to access this part of Bizimply.

How to Import Forecast Sales to Bizimply

  1. Login as an account administrator

  2. Click 'All Locations' drop down menu in the top right to view the page as 'All Locations'

  3. Click into 'Forecasts' tab from the navigation bar

  4. Select 'Forecast Sales Import' under 'Forecast Imports' on the left side of the page

  5. Read all instructions in the blue box

  6. Click on the blue button 'Forecast Sales Import Sample File' to download the sample file

  7. Populate the file with data, ensuring that the location name is correct and all fields are completed. If one field is left black, this will return an error

  8. Save the file

  9. Select the relevant location from the 'Select Location' dropdown menu to choose the location to upload the Forecast Sales to. Remember - the location selected must be the same as the location details in the file.

  10. 10. Select the CSV File and then click the blue 'Import' button

  11. If there are any errors in the file, no file information will upload and you will get the error message presented on screen

  12. If there are no errors and the file uploads successfully, you will get a confirmation message

  13. Please note that it may take a few minutes for a large file to upload

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