In this article you will learn how to: 

  • Add an employee to Bizimply

Note: You must have the appropriate level of permissions in order to create a new employee.

How to add an employee to Bizimply:

  1. Log into Bizimply
  2. Ensure you are in the correct location you wish to add the staff member to. This will be employee's ‘Main Location’
  3. Navigate to the Employee tab
  4. Click on the blue add employee button
  5. Fill in the form for employee details. Minimum recommend:* First Name (Required)* Surname (Required)* Email* Phone number (if included in employee profile)* Shared Locations (if applicable)* Schedules
  6. Press 'Save'

In order to get the full benefits from Bizimply, you should fill out all the information asked for within all the employee profile tabs.

You can also add employees in bulk via a CSV file.
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